The Space Between - 4 Week Online Course

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The Space Between is a 4-week mindfulness program created and tested from real life experience, by Kate Kendall.

Intended to provide more clarity, calm and connection, this experience will help you reprioritize and live ‘on-purpose’ all of the time.

What is The Space Between?

My philosophy explained

Why do you need The Space Between?

“This course was developed by me for me and now I want to share it with other people like me, who are busy, stretched in a million different directions and who often feel unfulfilled because they spend their whole life saying ‘yes’ to others. Sound familiar? Then it might be for you too.” KATE KENDALL, FOUNDER OF ACTIVE YOGI

What will I get?

This course gives you the inspiration to take that responsibility by the reins, and the tools to get on track, so you can start living with productivity and purpose.

4 weekly theme videos

At the beginning of each week, you’ll get a video from me, introducing you to the week’s theme

12 philosophies

Each week you’ll be drip-fed 3 philosophies set to the week’s theme. They’re bite sized, digestible chunks of information that I learnt and applied to my own life, using them to stay motivated, healthy and a leader in her field. I’ll give you examples of how to use them and give you the space to implement them into your own life.

2 moving meditations

Once a fortnight, you’ll be given a simple to follow yoga sequence, designed for anyone to do, no matter your skill or yoga experience. They are designed to create space in the body and mind.

2 guided audio meditations

I lead you through two meditations, one designed to energise in the morning and one aimed to help you relax and unwind in the evening.

4 weekly downloadable affirmations

You can use as inspiration during the course and beyond.

Facebook support group

A community of like-minded Yogis, who are also finding some space. Connect with each other and share your experiences.

Tools that you can use during the course & beyond

These are things that will help you maintain the space that you make for yourself. I’ll introduce these to you in week one.

“The message in this program came from my own mess of burn out – a place where I played the victim for way too long and blamed everyone and everything but myself for having no control over my energy levels, let alone life or direction.

Living ‘The Space Between’ reminds me to choose dates with mates who give me belly laughs over deadlines that don’t mean much, to be fierce but flexible in my pursuit of goals and that the greatest gift we can give to others is ‘connection’ and presence.”


Join the course and start making space straight away

“I would be thrilled, honoured and completely stoked if you were to enroll in my online program.”



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