Hey Yogis,

Proud as punch and ready to go! My very own The Space Between Podcast (can you tell I’m excited?)

I launched this on Friday night and know some of you have already subscribed (thank you!). The Space Between podcast are conscious conversations with friends and extended global network who are mindfully making a difference to the people around them. Oh and we do it all whilst practicing yoga so that you can practice at home with us or kick back and listen.

I’m blessed and honoured to have launched with good friend, Elle Halliwell Instagram – Australian journalist who has had a heck of a year. The light with the dark. Within the space of two days last year she was told she had Leukaemia and was pregnant with her first child. Whoa. Can you imagine the roller coaster? Listen The Space Between Podcast as she tells her very real, raw and brave journey.

You’ll get a podcast each week so sign up now! I’m absolutely loving recording these and the opportunity to share the stories of so many inspiring humans is unreal.

Oh and if you ever have ideas for who you’d like me to interview and practice with, hit me up.