The unassuming, charismatic and 2016 Survivor contestant, Sam Webb is my guest on The Space Between this week. After he and good friend, Casey Lyons lost a good mate to suicide in 2013, they started Livin and are now making waves in mental health across the globe.

Their philosophy is to ‘live life at the top and destroy the stigma that’s attached to mental illness. This truly sad story has become a hugely positive movement. They connect, support and encourage one another to talk about their feelings, issues and challenges with the mantra, “It aint weak to speak.”

We explore the damaging statistics around suicide in Australia, what Livin are doing about it and how we can all help. An uplifting story and motivation that we can all make a difference.

I’ve included a preview of my chat with Sam below. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, pop over to iTunes.



If you’d like to follow along with the yoga sequence Sam and I did during the show, I’ve included some images below.

Easy Sit:

Focus: Encourages open hips and tall spine. If spine rounds out, sit on block, cushion or books.

Sam Webb on The Space Between

Malasana variation:

Focus: A casual version of yogic squat. Great way to open hips and inner thighs. Sit on support to lengthen the spine.

Sam Webb on The Space Between


Relaxed Deer:

Focus: Great for lengthening the quads – those major muscles of the body that get a lot of work in active bodies.

Sam Webb on The Space Between



Deer counterpose:

Focus: Do this one between each of the sides of dear to feel all that goodness and sensation release from places of tension.



Wide Legged Forward Fold:

Focus: Great for hamstrings and inner thighs.

Sam Webb on The Space Between




Focus: A beautiful backbend designed to relieve a busy mind. Great for digestion. Support yourself here with a block or books under the hips so you can just rest your hips entirely into the support. Great for hips!

Sam Webb on The Space Between