Jodhi Meares – business woman, spiritually in-tune chicka and totally turned on by life – I loved this chat.

We start with a Moving Meditation designed for you to do with us followed by a great conversation around the creative process, how hard work gets you places, building a team and culture, Hawaii, her obsession with ‘stretchy things’ plus her love affair with German philosopher, Schopenhauer. You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to hear her speak – and in such an intimate setting. 
To listen to the full episode, pop over to iTunes.

If you’d like to follow along with the yoga sequence Jodhi and I did during the show, I’ve included some instructions below.

Moving Meditation.

Great for: Connecting each movement to the breath we get to experience the sensation of meditation through movement.
How to: From cross legs (or even standing up if crossed legs isn’t comfortable), bring palms together at heart. Inhale arms up above the head, exhale arms down and behind you to interlace the hands. Take a deep, generous breathe in and stay there are you slowly exhale. Repeat as many time as it takes to feel steady and still.

Virasana (or hero’s pose):
This is essentially ‘kneeling’ so if you feel comfortable enough to, simply sit back on your heels. If your thighs, knees or ankles are too tight (this is common), please prop yourself up on a block or cushion to take the pressure off.

Ardho Mukha (Downward Facing Dog):
Great for: lengthening the whole back line of the body inclusind the hamstrings, calves and spine.
How to: from all fours, curls to toes, lift knees and ease sit bones up and back. It’s better to have a ‘long’ spine than long legs so always bend the knees if you feel the spine curving out or if it’s too intense on your shoulders. Breath easy and deep.

Great for: opening the hips and groin.
How to: from a seated posture, brings feet together and let knees move out wide. Instead fo having the heels close to groin, send them away from you until your legs are making a ‘diamond shape’.