“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Hey Yogi – How’s your Christmas eve?

If you’re feeling a little rushed and overwhelmed at the amount of Christmas cheer you’ve already experienced and stressed about the idea of what you’re giving who and, my personal favourite, “Have I given enough?”…

Take five to stop right now.

It’s not about the material things you’re buying and giving (although it’s super fun to give them). It’s about how you make people feel.

Right now….Breathe a deep breath (because I want you to ‘anchor’ and this to really sink in) and acknowledge these three things:

  1. You are enough
  2. Material gifts will most likely be forgotten (in around 48hours)
  3. And the greatest gift you’ll give this Christmas is ‘presence

I’m not joking either. Think about the last time you had a really meaningful, fully connected moment with someone; a time when that person was so present with you, truly listened and made you feel heard?

How’d it make you feel?

No amount of socks and undies, $500 designer dress, handbag, iWatch, laptop, bicycle or puppy dog will ever amount to the gift of your full attention (maybe the puppy comes close).

Have a happy, merry, consciously connected Christmas, peeps, and if you here’s a little gift from me to you. A short meditation for you to cultivate presence, magnetism and a whole lotta clarity. Enjoy.

Oh – and if you haven’t heard yet – I’ve launched my The Space Between online mindfulness program….check it out here. First intake 15 Jan 2017.