Are you being called to slow down?

Are things getting in your way? Technical hick-ups? Injuries? Social engagements that get in the way of work or rest?

Is it getting you frustrated, jaded and down?

Before you melt down, give up and wish you could hide in a cave for a month, try this on…

Maybe you have a big job to do in this world. 

For me, it started with my laptop slowing down. Of course I ignored it thinking the ‘niggle’ would go away. I chose to ignore the fact it was probably really struggling from years of abuse. I’d had it for a good five years and in that time dropped it running for a cab in NYC, poured water over it (multiple times) plus various other laptop abusive things that I probably can’t remember. A few days later, it gave up it’s fight for my love and died. Along with all of my files.

I eventually moved on and brought a new one. Call it a clean slate.

But the call came back.

It showed up in a little something I had cut out of my head which left me unable to practice yoga or exercise for two weeks.

And just to make itself really heard, whilst I was going mental from the inner chat and not being able to take my medicine (yoga)…it showed up in two road fines in the space of 24 hours. One a parking fine (I forgot my car was parked in a two hour zone all day) and then another for making a right turn into a street I had (honestly) never seen the sign for indicating I shouldn’t. And I’ve been driving that route for months now.

Some might call them co-incidences or blonde moments. Some might call them ‘serve-yourself-righters’ or karma.

I call them wake up calls. 

And it’s not just me.

It’s also shown up in injuries and road blockages with friends. Two of them have broken thumbs and can’t type or write. One, a notoriously on-the-go person has a broken ankle and another a sensitive tailbone. Another hit melt down and is suffering from adrenal fatigue and another is frustrated at not hearing back from two prospective job opportunities who are both dragging the chain.

It’s becoming well and truly loud and clear for me. We’re being called to slow down. In a big way.


Because we’re required, more than ever before, to ‘wake up’. No longer can we get away with auto-piloting through life.

It feels like the world really wants us to pay attention. Calling us each to be ‘active yogis’ of our own environments.

The first step is to slow down. The next to pay attention. And then next is to take big action.

Big action looks like….

Being the first to say ‘I love you’ when you really do.

Becoming an activist for human rights

Making that career change that’s been lingering for years

Getting that mole checked out

Paying that fine before it snowballs into a mountain

Going on that trip

Donating your time at the local soup kitchen

I don’t know for sure, but have a hunch that when we take action positive and powerful shifts occur.

What at first seems like chaos, turns out to be divine timing.

So stop.

Listen closely.

Are you being called?

Oh and PS – It’s March already. How did that happen?

On Sunday we kick off the second intake of my 4-week ‘The Space Between – Training Wheels for Conscious Living’ e-course in which one of the objectives is to slow right the hell down. More info and how to book here.

Big love,


PS. here’s a super short and sweet guided meditation I did to help you slow down and get connected. ENJOY xx