Showing someone that you care for them could just be one of the most profoundly powerful things you’ll do for someone today.

Sweetest thing happened this week that just keeps creeping back into my awareness.

I get my nails and beauty done on Oxford Street just down the road from my studio Flow Athletic. The Vietnamese guy, Nathan, who runs the place is super sweet and smiley and although we never talk for too long I always feel at home in his modest salon. There’s a connection that’s formed between us through loyalty.

At the beginning of my session I was telling him I was heading to Bali (where I am right now!). He took me to the counter where I proceeded to pay for my session and then he said, “Put sunscreen on over in Bali, please.” I was like, “Yeah, for sure.” to which he replied, “Thank you.”

The worlds, “Thank you” really hit my heart here.

It’s not unusual for people to give you advice when traveling, right?  But the fact that he was taking ownership for my skin by saying “Thank you” – as if taking care of my skin was in some way a part of his job and his responsibility…felt kinda nice.

At some level we all want to feel loved and cared for. It’s a basic human need. 

Just an insight really.

Enjoy all your moments,