I’m no chef.

My excuse (and I’m milking it for all it’s worth) is that in my younger adult life I had a long term boyfriend who was a chef and who did all the cooking. He was awesome at whipping up delicious meals but I never really learnt anything from him. I just sat back, watched TV (I didn’t practice yoga back then) drank wine or chatted to him whilst he crafted his deliciousness.

Long story short – when it comes to cooking I keep it simple. Although I’m a tad more adventurous these days, my all time fave is what I dubbed, with another boyfriend (I’ve had a few since the chef) Sunday Special. It’s uber healthy, delish and quick.

  1. Grab a handful of your fave veg
  2. Steam them
  3. Pop them in a bowl and stir through tuna, avo, hummus (I used Beetroot hummus in this one), chilli flakes or cayenne pepper and bosh! Joy in a bowl.

Savour. Enjoy. Happy Sunday.

KK x