My message to you is always simple.

Slow Down. 

Amidst the last minute shopping, picture perfect wrapping attempts (unless it’s square and flat my wrapping is nothing less than ugly), organising and family tantrums let’s remember what’s really important here, folks…


Do you reckon the original intention of Christmas was to make such a freakin’ fuss!?

How crazy is it? And as Brad Fittler said, earlier on my podcast this year, “the world has gone mad.” And we have.

So how about going against the grain, being the light and remembering what really matters. Because you know…deep down what does.

Over the next few days when you feel ‘the crazy’ come on try this:

SLOW DOWN – set the tone for the next few days right now.

BREATH DEEPLY – resting intensely into your exhalation.

LOVE DEEPLY – remembering what keeps you soft and open and that we’re all made up of the same stuff just having our own unique human experiences

PLAY OFTEN – what if you remembered what it was like to experience Christmas as a kid?

And watch this. I’m crushing on Jim Carrey and all his truth telling at the moment. This kid’s gone next level.

And…if you really want to give the gift of PEACE this Christmas, check out my meditations here.