Let’s get you yogis run ready!

It’s that time again…the 2016 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

It’s one of my favourite events and last year I had a blast leading the post-run yoga sessions in the Festival Village where I’ll be again on Sunday 18 September.

Hope to see some of you there again!

In the meantime, and over the next week in the lead up to the run, I’ll be posting my top tips on how to get run-ready. First up – Gomukasana (or Eagle Pose). Here’s why:

1. It’s great for stabilising all the joints in the standing leg – which can help prevent injury
2. Promotes balance
3. Good one for stretching hips and glutes as well a back and shoulders (don’t forget to stretch your upper body after a run. We often think of the lower body only needing to stretch but everything’s connected. Constriction in your upper body can have a knock on effect in the lower body)

I’ll be leading classes in the Village at these times:
8.30am – 8.50am
9.10am – 9.30am
9.40am -10.00am
10.40am -11.00 am

Click here for more info.