If how we greet one thing is how we greet all, how would it be to treat everything as sacred?

This moment you’ve carved out to read;

That conversation you have with the barista each morning;

Washing the dishes;

Making love;

Dancing. Playing. Everything.

What if everything from the seemingly mundane to mega were treated with reverence? What if everything we did was a dance with the divine?

And how would this change the way we live, love and operate in the world?

I’ve experimented with this when I’m in my ‘highest self’ (that version of me that sparkles and shines after a week long retreat in nature or when I’ve just freshly fallen in love) and it has enormous effects.

But it’s easy to do the things we know to be good for us when we’re in a great place, right?

We’re human and it doesn’t take much for traffic, bills, someone’s stinky attitude at work and other such things to get in the way of our much coveted state of peace. Just ask me how enlightened I am next time someone cuts me off in traffic and I politely flip them the bird. Or the next time I hang out with my family for a few days.

But what if you had one or two daily touch points in which your intention was to lean into your sacredness and then to take that sacredness into your humanness?

Rituals are deep reverence for self.

They’re a way to remind us what’s real, what’s authentic and what really matters. Rituals can put things into perspective, cultivate creativity, belief and a sense of ease.

What are your rituals? What sets you straight? What do you do that sets the tone for your day and cultivates the quality of energy that you want to take with you into the seemingly mundane?

Rituals don’t need to be set in stone. They can be fluid, seasonal and totally topical. Here are some of my current tone-setters:

Meditation for Clarity: this goes without saying. Meditation is my medicine and helps me listen to myself and others more intensely. I sit for 20 mins twice a day. Some days the meditation is floaty and soft; others it’s bumpy and emotional but I never came out of a meditation I regretted. It only always provides space to process and clarify. If you’re new to meditation but feel charmed but he idea of making it a ritual, do a course. I did mine with The Broad Place.

Saturday Vino for Savouring: Yes. Drinking wine can be sacred. Often my partner works on a Saturday evening so I have the house to myself once bubba is in bed. I pour a glass of my current favourite drop and sit down to smell, taste and savour. I’m savouring not only the wine but this sacred and rare moment I have to myself. It’s a celebration of sorts. I recently attended and spoke about rituals at the launch of ‘Tea & Wine’. These wines have taken my wine appreciation to a new level. Wine infused with organic loose-leaf tea…two of my loves combined. Not only am I loving the flavours (especially the Cabernet Sauvignon infused with organic Sri-Lankan Chai ) but I was able to connect with the team who came up with this brilliant idea which gives this ritual so much more meaning. Best bit, this wine won’t break the bank either at just $22 and available at selected Dan Murphy’s stores nationally.

Asana Practice for Cleaning Out: If my body is my temple I want to make sure I dust it out daily. Hands down this is the most effective way for me to purify and lightly touch every part of my body. The mat becomes a sacred space to tend to places and spaces that I’ve been ignoring or not listening to and shines a light on my current mood. It’s not always pretty but keeps me honest.

Sunday Morning Cuddles for the Soul: So good. Pretty much involves everyone in our house jumping into our bed and making the most of such a sacred day. It releases the bonding hormone oxytocin which makes us feel good and creates that one gentle touch point of the week where laziness and leaning into one another is the key ingredient.