Does your human side battle with your spiritual side?

Do you intend to read the latest book on psychospirituality but end up in a Netflix marathon?

Are you intended on having a calm day but flip the bird to that guy who just cut you off in traffic?

You’re wrapped up, head to toe, in the best quality vegan-eco-friendly-Austrlalian-made product whilst devouring a Cadbury chocolate egg you retrieved in a moment of desperation from the depths of your handbag. One sneaky milk egg choc…who’s that going to hurt and who will know?

And with all these seemingly conflicting ideas, is it really possible for your two sides to live in harmony?

I’ve asked this question and answers have come from both personal exploration as well as from teachers.

Yes. They can.

Do I personally live in that space always?

I wish I could say yes but it would be a fib. But I’m pretty focused right now on expanding that space.

Here’s what I’ve uncovered so far:

1. Lose the labels for further freedom. There doesn’t have to be a difference between my ‘two sides’. I’m just me – with many sides – all wrapped into one big perfectly chaotic emotional yet grounded bundle. The more I label myself, the more stuck I feel. I’m allowed to be a contradiction.

2. Do what you can do and be conscious where you can. Simple. Beating myself up for not making the most eco-friendly choices all the time is un-productive. We do what we do, right? Sometimes we manage with what we have. And that’s ok. If I can practice making conscious choices most of the time – great.

3. Getting angry doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me human and it’s what I do with it that counts. I could flip the bird to those who piss me off or I could feel the anger and let it pass. The first few times I really got that and managed to do that was some of the most liberating moments of my life.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t selfish people who push my buttons it just means you use them to be a more resilient, emotionally intelligent person. As many times as I’ve heard it before, I’ll repeat it again, “Everyone is a teacher.”

4. Rituals are deep reverence to the good vibes you. When I make time for rituals and other forms of devotion to self I remember what’s important to me and can see a bigger picture.

5. Choosing practices that calm the nervous system are your secret weapons. Yoga and breath work soothe my nervous system and help me clearly recognise that opportunity for space between ‘stimuli and response’ or emotion and reaction. Do I always choose the higher path – no. But I know the difference between practicing living in the high vibe version of myself (whilst accepting that I’m going to have low vibe days) and create an environment internally fit for mental, physical and spiritual health.

6. Judging others on their decision only makes me a nark and worrying about what others will think of my choices is immobilising. I once heard Deepak Chopra say, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” I like that.

Dancing with the divine in these very real and human bodies is totally doable and perhaps one of the most beautiful creative we can learn to do.

Your human side makes you relatable, approachable and healing in your humility. The other side gives you magic powers of potency probably beyond your current understanding.

Lean in.