With them I’m productive, present and powerful.

Without them I’m vague, scatty and directionless.

Partly required for my constitution and partly a human need, rituals save me from insanity.

Yoga. Meditation. Pulling Angel cards. Thanking my apartment every night before I go to sleep for keeping me safe & warm (yeah – you heard me). Sunday morning silence. Solo grocery shop. Evening Magnesium elixir…

These are all anchor points in my day or week that I, not only look forward to, but that I need to stay grounded and focused in a world of distractions.

Let me define ‘need’ here.

It’s important to be flexible in the pursuit of self care and to leave room for inspiration and deep listening to what’s required today but to have one or two anchor points that remind me of what it feels like to be me, to do something that I really love and that makes me feel good – that’s everything. That’s ritual. That’s deep reverence for self.It’s needed. It’s required.


My favourite rituals?

Meditation. Twice daily. Adding the second since doing my vedic meditation course with The Broad Place has been a game changer. Amps my productivity and keeps me accountable for slowing down.

Sunday Silence. Milking the fact that I’m still living solo, I love nothing more than to wake up fresh of a Sunday morning and spend the whole day in silence. It might include tinkering around my apartment, going for a walk or doing some yoga practice. Satisfies the introvert in me and helps me process things.

Evening Elixir: sounds fancy but it’s really just my fave Blackmores Muscle Magnesium. Helps me have a deep, deep sleep and soothes my active muscles.

I asked some of my mates who are doing big good things in this world what they’re favourite rituals are and this is what I got:

Ben Lucas, my cheeky side kick at Flow Athletic: wakes up with the birds (we’re talking 4.30am), heads upstairs  in his apartment and looks out over the headlands where he takes in the view. “I’ll stare out there for ten minutes as a form of meditation” He’ll then jot down what he’s grateful for as well as his most compelling goals.

Isabella Loneragan, Owner The Dermal Diary: she makes a pot of loose leaf tea before going to training with her dog, Coco. She then plans and sets goals. “The combo of antioxidants from the tea and exercise keep my skin bright and clear and generally helps me manage stress related to running a business.”

Pam Medich, Senior Leasing Manager, City Retail at Dexus: loves yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights purely for the fact that it helps to open her chest and lungs and breathe! With such a highly demanding job, relaxation and deep breathing is essential.

Maryanne Edwards, Yoga teacher, sexy vegan and the yin to my yang: Loves the ritual of “getting sand between my toes, walking in the white wash, marvelling in the enormity of the ocean…barefoot connection.” Spoken like a true yogi.

What are yours?