The Space Between Podcast

Although I’m taking a little break from the podcast for now, they have been conscious conversations with friends and the extended global community who are making a difference, mindfully, to the people around them.

We talk ‘what turns them on’, what’s on their mind and in what state do they want to leave the world in. Oh…and we do all of this whilst practicing Yin Yoga. Just because.

Ep 13: Suzanne Skillen – fitness queen, survivor, natural leader.

Former dancer and fitness queen to the stars (inlcuding some of the Royal Family), Suzanne skills will blow you away with these rags to riches stories (yeah, plural). 

She’s a true testament to the notion that we can all fall down and get back up, with gusto. 

Ep 12: Alexx Stuart – dedicated, consistent, enthusiastic.

Dedicated. Consistent. Enthusiastic.
Alexx Stuart is on a mission to make your life low tox and we talk about this as well as many other fascinating environmental issues in this episode. Start with the small stuff to make some big and hugely profound changes for you NOW and the next generation.

Ep 11: Lara Zilibowitz – wordsmith, artist, travelling yogi.

Lara Z is a travelling yoga teacher and artist based out of Sydney. Navigating her own winding journey towards health after a near death experience, she has found creative expression and movement to be the most potent medicine of all. In this episode of The Space Between we get an insight into Lara’s not-so-straight path to yoga teaching as well as her passion for playing with clay.

Ep 10: Jodhi Meares – Business woman, spiritually in-tune chica and totally turned on by life.

Beginning with a Moving Meditation, designed for you to enjoy with us, what follows is a great chat between friends around the ‘creartive process’, how hard work gets you places, building a culture, Hawaii, Jodhi’s obsession with stretchy things plus her love affair with German philosopher, Schopenhauer.

You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to hear Jodhi, the original founder or Tigerlilly Swimwear Australia, on life and her most recent creative giant, The Upside.

Ep 9: Sam Webb – Australian Survivor competitor and Livin Co-Founder

The unassuming, charismatic and 2016 Survivor contestant, Sam Webb is my guest on The Space Between this week. After he and good friend, Casey Lyons lost a good mate to suicide in 2013, they started Livin and are now making waves in mental health across the globe.

Their philosophy is to ‘live life at the top and destroy the stigma that’s attached to mental illness. This truly sad story has become a hugely positive movement. They connect, support and encourage one another to talk about their feelings, issues and challenges with the mantra, “It aint weak to speak.” We explore the damaging statistics around suicide in Australia, what Livin are doing about it and how we can all help.

An uplifting story and motivation that we can all make a difference.

Ep 8: Brad Fittler – Gnosis meditation, biophilia and what ducks can teach us about dealing with trauma

Not only a highly successful, well loved and respected Australian footballer, but an incredibly humble, content and happy human. I absolutely loved chatting with Brad for this session and learnt tonnes about his ideas on mindfulness and life in general, including Gnosis Meditation, breathing, biophilia, living on a farm and how we can look to ducks to learn how to deal with trauma (yeah – you heard me). Some great concepts and tools plus his favourite smoothie recipe and why the drive to and from school with his daughter is the best part of his day.

Ep 7: Chelsea Pottenger – Coping mechanisms and mindful moments

This episode, I chat with former fast-paced corporate, Chelsea Pottenger, whose life was transformed by a hard-hitting case of post natal depression. After deciding that the best thing for her family was to end her life, she was thankfully connected with the right help and has managed to transform a once life threatening situation into one of the most positive stories I’ve ever heard. This is for anyone who has suffered, or suffers from, any kind of anxiety and depression. Chelsea offers up tips and coping mechanisms as well as ‘where to’ for help plus there’s a sweet few mindful moments in which you can participate and take into your every day.

Ep 6: Ben Lucas – The business of caring for people

This week I interviewed my good buddy, former NRL player and business partner, Ben Lucas. Ben is a good human, a deep thinker and someone who cares intensely about the people around him. His story is inspiring for anyone who has an inkling they’re made of something just a ‘little more’ than what they’re already doing.

Ep 5: Sally Fitzgibbons – Movement as creativity

Aussie surfing legend, Sally Fitzgibbons talks about growing up in the ocean, nature as medicine, movement as creativity as well as persistency and determination as key to success, Plus, I get an insight into the motivation behind her All Australian Beach Body program.

Ep 4: Lee Holmes - Following your Gut

My guest this week is Lee Holmes, Founder of, author of a stack of books on gut health and wholesome living; a Mum to many, a yogi, and is making some seriously positive changes to bellies worldwide. We talk about the type of busy that fuels passion and creates momentum versus the busy that burns us out and she shares her views on why our gut health is at all time low. Oh and I thank her for profoundly changing the health of mine.

Ep 3: Scott Gooding - Freeze or Fly

Creator of the Scott Gooding Project, finalist in My Kitchen Rules and heathy, whole food advocate, Scott and I have been mates for a while now – yet I learnt something totally surprising, refreshing and very real that he struggles with in this chat and how he used mindfulness to overcome it. We also talk about his dedication to food as medicine and how he’s helping those around him to change perception, attitude and choices around nutrition and lifestyle. As usual, this conversation takes place whilst practicing yoga so that you can do it with us or just kick back and listen.

Ep 2: Andrew Reid - Legacy on & off the Sand.

Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid reveals how a combination of Lifeguarding and being a council ‘garbo’ tranformed his life from an overweight teenager to a local and international hero on the hit series, Bondi Rescue. A versatile athlete, sports commentator and host/emcee, Andrew talks ‘dreaming big’, getting into the ocean and out of his head and why instilling ‘limitlessness’ in our kids is one of the most importance legacies we’ll leave behind.

Ep 1: Elle Halliwell - Leukemia & Little Gifts

A very real conversation with Australia jouirnalist, Elle Halliwell, who – in the space of two days – was told she had leukemia and was pregnant. Faced with a very real, raw and life changing decision that inspired a nation. Oh – and we do all of this whilst practicing yoga.


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