One of my morning rituals is to pull an Angel Card after meditation.


Because it sets a tone, inspires me and starts my day off in a playful manner.

Funnily enough, I woke up this morning feeling a little tired and heavy hearted. I have high expectations and can be a little perfectionistic. Something I’d been working on hadn’t gone entirely to plan and what was lingering late lat night stayed with me as I woke as a dull sense of seriousness.

The universe has my (and your) back. This morning I pulled the ‘Enchantment’ card. It’s all about looking at the world through the eyes of a child; playfully and with a sense of lightness.

It helped flip me from a ‘meh’ to a ‘magical’ outlook on my day and reminded me of Playful Flow I recorded whilst in NZ over Christmas that I hadn’t shared with you.

What are your morning rituals?