Whatever you’re doing today, hope you’re loving with your whole heart this beautiful country.

Traveling excites my soul. Big time. From lush rainforests of foreign lands to busy city lights in over populated cities. The curiosity of seeking out other cultures pulls me often.

The pull is real, frequent and more and more intense the more I learn about myself.

But there’s nothing quite like flying into this beautiful country again after my curiosity has been quenched and my adventurous appetite satisfied.

Flying low over Sydney harbour and it’s golden beaches, going through customs to hear that oh so blue and nasal inspired accent – In fact, I love it so much that when I spent a year living in London as a young adult, the one thing that I missed above anything else (sorry Mum and Dad) was the male Aussie accent.

I love you, Australia. Thanks for being you and for giving me epic opportunities, a healthy lifestyle and tonnes of like minded, well spirited fellow countrymen who just love and enjoy life.

Forever blessed & grateful.

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KK x