As I snap out this little blog post in a state of inspiration, I’ve just come off the back of ten days of Yoga Teacher Training in NYC with an incredible teacher. If you were following any of my social posts whilst away you would have received a flavour for the experience.

Craving some knowledge from a teacher who has lived her yoga and had tonnes of practice, life experience, a well versed author, seeker and intellectual, I journeyed so far to be away from the baby that I’d been nurturing for four years (Flow Athletic) to top up, light up from the inside out and broaden my knowledge base.

Although it was buried deep in the seat of my belly, the key take aways were loud and clear. No doubt for months I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt in classes, posts, retreats, events and with The Space Between & Active Yogi communities, but some initial and translucent pearls proceed:

Learning and growth is essential for energetic expansion. How can we know what we’re made of if we don’t broaden our horizons? Education gives us the tools to navigate through life in a stream through which the intellect and intuition (which we’re all developing in our mindful practices) combine masterfully.

Curiosity is key. It’s also a ‘doorway’ for new relationships, job prospects, new ways of thinking, leases of life and who knows what else? If we can take curiosity and sprinkle into it an open mind, the mysteries of life unfold everywhere you look.

Compassion cures cruelty and can put an end to suffering. Whilst walking through the Chelsea Markets one day before training, I stumbled across a sweet gift shop with tonnes of beautiful stationary, cards and books. Being a sucker for soul expanding sentences, I immediately got lost in a world of quotes, words and poetic stories. This one (on a card I chose to buy for my man at home) got me right where it matters – in the heart:

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever.” – Alfred Tennyson

Got me thinking (and I’ll leave you with this little seed), I love the romantic sentiment in this but what if the idea was broadened and made more inclusive? What if we focused on compassionate and kind thoughts as a daily practice. Like really. What if collectively, as a community, we cultivated tenderness inwards as well as outwards?

Humour me for a moment and just imagine the oasis we’d create?