Hey Yogis,

I’ve been busy behind the scenes creating some new things for you. And I am so excited that I finally get to share them with you…


Introducing: Moving Meditations

For some, sitting in absolute stillness is just not the way to meditate. And with multiple devices going off at once, ten windows open in one’s browser and a to-do list that seems to get bigger by the day, it’s no wonder we’re struggling to sit still.

In my Moving Meditations, there’s no need to sit still. These meditations are unique to Active Yogi, where we use the body as a vehicle to retreat slowly into the inner workings (thoughts, stories, narratives).

Moving Meditations consist of a handful of simple yoga poses, linked together and repeated to create both familiarity, confidence and a way to feel fully immersed in movement and ‘in the body’.

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Want to create some space too?

Are you itching to make some ‘space between’ too? I don’t blame you. We are busy, stretched in a million different directions and often feel unfulfilled from spending too much time saying ‘yes’ to others.

The Space Between 4-week mindfulness program is now ready when you are. Because when you need to find space and take control over your energy levels, life or direction, you shouldn’t have to wait to take the leap!

Start making some space between for yourself.


Oh, and that sweet little morning meditation?

To celebrate all of these exciting things, I’ve put together a free morning meditation for you to start your day on the right note.


Download your free Morning Meditation here.