For some, sitting in absolute stillness is just not the way to meditate. And with multiple devices going off at once, ten windows open in one’s browser and a to-do list that seems to get bigger by the day, it’s no wonder we’re struggling to sit still.

How the meditations work

You’ve got options!

There are Seated Meditations and Moving Meditations to choose from. The Moving Meditations are unique to Active Yogi, in which we use the body as a vehicle to retreat slowly into the inner landscape (beyond – but inclusive of – thoughts, stories and narratives).

The Seated Meditations are generally done sitting up (you can be on a chair or on a comfy couch or floor) and are designed to teach the art of stillness (yep – it’s an art in this day and age but I reckon you’ll nail it!)

Moving Meditations consist of a handful of simple yoga poses, linked together and repeated to create both familiarity, confidence and a way to feel fully immersed in movement and ‘in the body’. Whether you already have a meditation practice and would like to try something different, or you’re completely new to the whole thing, these Moving Meditations are a beautiful way to find some space. No yoga experience necessary.

Ready to find some space?


There are a few different Moving Meditations to choose from, depending on what you’d like to focus on.


Choose one for $9.50, or a three-pack bundle for $25


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