“When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu

On the weekend we wrapped Spiritually Fit for 2023. What a dream it was. I’m loving holding space for this experience and look forward to evolving and making more magic next year.

Our closing circle was Puja in reverence to Lakshmi who is the Goddess of prosperity, good fortune and abundance. She is the keeper of wisdom and beauty and is adored by devotees worldwide who call upon her help for attracting the above mentioned good fortune and prosperity.

What we leaned into on Saturday, and what I wanted to share with you is the other side to calling in the divine energy of Lakshmi – remembering that deities are symbolic of values and virtues that we already have within.

We honoured and bowed down to the spiritual abundance within us all remembering that whilst there is nothing ‘wrong’ about calling in financial wealth and good fortune regarding material things, there is always a wealth of wisdom within to have deep gratitude for.

So what spiritual gifts do you have to be thankful for and how can you better share them with those around you?

I’m grateful for my ability to listen to friends when they need an ear. I’m grateful to be able to hold a space for them that is non-judgemental and loving.

I’m grateful for the deep stillness that is always available to me when I remember to drop into it.

I’m grateful for my intuition as a teacher and guide – my connection to source and the wild ride it takes me on if I allow it to; opening me up to adventures beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m grateful for the love in my heart that I get to share with the people I adore.

I’m grateful for the ability to feel the full spectrum of human emotions from the deep grief to joy and deep peace.

There is literally so much within to be grateful for. You are already enough.

May this serve as a reminder the next time you drop into scarcity mode (Goddess knows I need it – on an hourly basis). The next time you say to yourself, “I’m not pretty enough/experienced enough/wealthy enough/tall enough/skinny enough/perfect enough…” may you call upon Lakshmi to remember that you are enough. Full Stop.

Here’s a mantra you can use anytime scarce mode creeps in or when you’re aiming true for some goal around prosperity and abundance:

‘Om Shrim Mahalakshmyai Namaza’ (here’s a track I found on Spotify that’s made for Japa Meditation so you get a feel for the pronunciation) and another sweet track in devotion to Lakshmi here which I used in our closing circle.

Big, abundant love,

KK x