It’s been a while…

A while between posts.

A while between wines.

A while between twists and deep forward folds.

A while since I scribbled you a note or posted some exciting yoga event upcoming…

And it’s been an eternity since I had a full eight hours of sleep a night.

But the space between has been nothing short of magic, mysterious and miraculous.

A few weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she’s made all the space betweens worth while. And now as I come up for air, five weeks into her tiny life, I’ve just started practicing asana again. I got on the mat for the first time after having a C-Section this week. I went slowly, gently and mindfully – the way we should always practice and not just because we’re recovering from major surgery. I reminded myself what I’d teach my students;

“Be accepting of where you’re at today and not push yourself into how it once was or what you think it should be. Oh and honour your incredible body. It just did – and continues to do something remarkable.”

The whole time I was practicing I felt like I was ‘home’. Back on the mat and in a tiny studio in Coolangatta where I was on a little holiday, I felt that familiar (but this time altogether different sensation) of being ‘at home’ in the body. My cells had somehow changed. A different Kate. A different appreciation. New senses.

Keep practicing yogis.

It doesn’t matter how it looks. How does it feel?