I believe that if you see beauty in someone, tell them. If you believe in someone, tell them. And if you respect, love and don’t know what you’d do without someone, honour them. 

This week, we celebrate International Yoga Day on Thursday 21 June. And although I feel like there’s a day dedicated to just about everything now (I heard on the radio that upcoming we’re to celebrate World Jaffle Day…sponsored by Helga’s of course) this one has way more meaning than most for me.

Yoga is like a dear friend; a close friend. One that never lies, isn’t afraid of hurting your feelings when truth is called for and who shines a light on all your feelings, sensations and inner most workings. Sometimes you want to punch them in the face for being so raw and other times you want to lean right in and nestle under their wing for some loving nurture and kindness.

I feel like Yoga’s love for me is unconditional. It’s her mission to illuminate my soul – no matter the means. And that’s pretty re-assuring. 

For about 13 years, yoga has been there for me. She’s been my medicine. Daily. Not only on the four corners of my mat but in the way I endeavour to greet the world. I’m a work in progress, that’s for sure and she humbles me, minute by minute. Just when I think I’ve got my shit sorted out (will we/do we ever?) I find myself in some nasty reactive mode or being altogether unkind to myself.

She’s a sweet reminder of the person that I want to be and know myself to be.

Which is why, through these words to you, I honour her.

Yoga, in it’s essence is about ‘oneness’. It’s about practicing presence, living in the moment and realising – at some point in our lives through the felt experience – that we’re all connected.

I feel what you feel, what I do to myself I do to the planet and that we’re all made up of the same stuff as stars.

Living this is hard, though, right? Sometimes I can get so ‘caught up’ in my own stuff that all my yoga goes out the door. And that’s ok. I used to beat myself right up for this until I realised this…they don’t call it ‘yoga practice’ for nothing.

To live your yoga is to be inclusive of everything – the so called good and bad. And that every person and experience that greets you today is an opportunity to awakening; for connection.

SO all this week, I’m honouring my mate, yoga. I’m leaning deeply into my rituals; meditation and asana practice. I’m remembering all my teachers, past and present, including the ones I’m lucky enough to call my team and family at Flow Athletic. And I’m giving myself plenty of quiet time to reflect and listen.

How about you?

Happy International Yoga Day for Thursday!

Mucho love,