I’m writing this post as therapy. 

So if you’re reading this – thanks for helping me process.

You know that feeling when you’re about to leave a lover for a few days after being joint at the hip? Or when you misplace something that you’re attached to?

I’m about to head to Byron Bay to lead ‘3 Rhythms’ on Saturday afternoon and I’m going away from Alice (recently turned one) for two whole nights. Yikes.

You know the feeling? I’m both anticipating the excitement of having my hands completely free for two days as well as having some good quality sleep. But I’m also anxiously anticipating the separation. I just know that I’ll be just fine and will sink into the experience of teaching (my other big love) but perhaps I’m also nervous that I’ll realise that my joint-at-the-hip bestie won’t even miss me.

If anyone has any advice for me..fire away.

Stay tuned to my Insta as I’ll be posting my journey. Food, friends, shape making and more.

From your nervous and excited friend,