Calling all yogis & fitness fanatics alike!

Over the weekend of 13 & 14 April I’m getting involved in both the FILEX FITNESS CONVENTION & the FITNESS SHOW all being held at the ICC Sydney Darling Harbour.

Here’s the program. Come join me as I’d love to have some Active Yogis along and familiar faces.

Saturday 13 April
10.15am – 11.45am @ FILEX
Enjoy a 90-minute all-inclusive Vinyasa class where you’ll experience moving meditation, master the art of “slowing down” and, through the practice, you’ll learn about one of yoga’s central philosophies. Expect both stillness and movement during this exploration of breath, and get set to take away yogic teachings and philosophies that can only be understood when you slow your flow.

1.00pm-2.15pm @ FILEX
The Business of Yoga talk
Learn how to honour the ancient tradition of yoga whilst building a contemporary business in a modern world, which not only survives, but thrives! This is a very exciting time to be in the business of yoga with all of it’s untapped potential in education, workshops and events. And not only is it exciting, but it’s also very much needed considering anxiety and depression is at an all-time high. From this dynamic session you’ll learn how to attract a team who are aligned with your values; build community and culture to create positivity within the business as well as a retention strategy; explore creativity and innovation in the business of yoga; and understand how to use contribution as a way to foster mental health and a sense of fulfilment.

Sunday 14 April
11.45-12.30pm @ FITNESS SHOW for Nuzest.
A 45min vinyasa class with the usual good vibes and good beats. I’ve been cooking up a good playlist!