How are those New Year’s Resolutions? Intentions? Self-Promises?

Feel like you’ve already fallen back into past patterns, old habits & familiar fuzzies?

It happens. But it doesn’t mean you’re no longer worthy of receiving them nor getting back on.

But if it happens every year (i.e. you make yourself the same promises and they never stick) there’s probably a good reason.

Let me ask you this. Is it…

a) You don’t really care enough about the intention and you’re only setting it because you think you should or because it’s ‘on trend’ or because you think someone else (parent, friend, boss, employees) wants you to.

b) Because you’re lacking a little will power and suffering from some serious self sabotage (perhaps you don’t actually think you can or that you’re worthy enough)

Have a good one minute think….

If the answer if b…here’s my advice:

Time to put on light up, open up and toughen up. Put your two hands in the air and fully claim what you want back.

If you really want what you say you want, just know that there are going to be times that the universe tests you. In fact, it loves you and wants you to become so self actalised that it will throw you big fat tests until it deems you ready to transcend.

And that’s the only way you can bust through old patterns and behaviours.

These tests come in the form of:

An overflowing, abundance of free champagne at a party when you’ve said you want to detox.

The invitation from friends to go out on your one and only night to do yoga when you’ve promised yourself to have a more mindful 2017.

Your Mother criticising the way you dress (which generally reverts you back to behaviours of a twelve year old) when you’ve told yourself you want to be more calm around family.

Here’s my advice and Mindful Action for declaring yourself done with self sabotage and disbelief, recognising that you’re going to fall off (probably more than once) and that these little bumps are simply signs that the universe if madly in love with you:

  1. Keep going. There are times to give up – especially is you answered ‘a’ above, but if you’re a big ‘b’ person, get back up and re-access your place in the world. We need you.
  2. Re-Prioritise. Remember why you made the intention/goal/resolution and if in fact you do really want it, make it a priority. And watch yourself fall into ‘victim’ mentality when things don’t turn out your way or you ‘fall off’ again. Dig deep on your inner god or goddess and evoke some strength to bust through. You and only you can do this.
  3. How do you want to feel? Associate a feeling or word to how you’ll feel when you achieve the goal or intention. How will it make you ‘feel’ to run that marathon, complete the yoga teacher training, lose 10kgs? Create as many experiences in your every day to attract that feeling and watch it move with bigger momentum than you can imagine.

And if you need extra motivation, see my recent tips for ‘cleansing’ after the silly season in Delicious magazine.