“Your vibratory state is your contribution to the collective.”
Peter Crone

Ease is an attitude.

If how we do one thing is how we do all things, with what attitude are you approaching today?

Are you in a state of chaos and fractured focus or ease and alignment?

How did it feel when you brushed your teeth this morning? When you made breakfast? With what tone did you order your coffee? What was the underlying essence?

Here’s the thing. Lean in…get close…

E A S E  is an  A T T I T U D E; it’s a choice.

And some days that choice feels super sweet and easy. The stars are aligned, the sun in shining and the kids are listening. On these days, ease doesn’t even feel like a choice. It just feels like an ‘is-ness’.

Then there are days, perhaps just as juicy if we let them be, when it feels like we’re swimming upstream, when solar flares are flaring, when planets are passing at a time and in a way that (apparently) cause cosmic shifts of big proportions unleashing the anger within. On these days, ease doesn’t always feel like a choice. Playing the victim feels like the most delicious choice. But ultimately it’s not delicious. It just puts us in a rut and creates a stinky vibe that follows us around and infiltrates every corner of every room we walk into.

On these days, when it doesn’t feel so ‘ease-FUL’, the only way out is in.

To be IN is to fully feel, to move it through and accept whatever is there.

We invite whatever stinky vibe (anger, frustration, envy, lust, grief) to be a part of our experience as if we were inviting a dear friend who’s going through something hard to come over and be acknowledged.

But in order to even remember to ‘write the invitation’, we must be at ease enough to make the conscious choice. Prioritise ease, prioritise your practices…

Here are some practical thought provokers to contemplate:



I have a tool to help with this. It’s called journaling and it’s not rocket science. And for some it feels naff, it feels like a chore but if you haven’t given it a red hot crack before, why not try this week? Nothing changes if nothing changes so why not pick up a new tool if ease does not feel like your flow right now. At the end of each day, sit down and take out the following ‘prescription’;

Close your eyes

Take 6 low and slow breaths into your belly.

Sit for one minute after, with an awareness on sensations and then;

Use the following journaling prompts to help inspire your contemplations:

Where today did I choose ease?

Where today do I choose dis-ease?

Big love,