Last week I wasn’t myself, or rather, I wasn’t connecting to myself in a way that I usually do. I’d had a skin cancer removed from my forehead (and because of the nature and size of the effected area it saw me go under a general anaesthetic) which has left me with a mean wound, a toxic filled bod and instructions to not do any exercise – including yoga. Gasp!

I felt ‘meh’.

Good news though. I’m both feeling more ‘connected’ AND I learnt some things.

  1. To be extra diligent with my slip, slop, slap routine – wear sunscreen kids!
  2. Not being able to do Asana (the physical practice of yoga) has made me way more grateful for it. So – having just been Valentines Day, I wrote a love note to ‘it’….yoga (don’t laugh!)

Dear Yoga,

You came into my life at just the ‘ripe’ time.

You enticed me with your promise of lean limbs and glowing skin but you had me at that very first ‘savasana’ in which I felt held, honoured, home.

Thank you for scooping me up and saving me from a life time of mediocrity, for nourishing me in ways I’d never thought possible and for carving out fresh pathways, opportunities and places I’d not considered previously.

There are times I resist you, put you off and would rather party – and sometimes I do. But the space only makes my heart fonder.

You’re not always gentle and you can bring me the greatest discomfort but thank you for teaching me grace under pressure and that nothing is ever worth closing over.

Thank you for soothing my aches and pains and for bringing people into my life that I love to bits.

Thank you for the lows; the times I’m quietly reflective with tears tickling my ears in savasana.

Thank you for the highs; left dripping in sweat in a state of pure ecstasy.

Just thank you for giving me the ability to FEEL.

Big love and forever yours,