Be careful what you wish for.

Yesterday the universe decided to give me exactly what I wanted in what it thought was a hilarious joke.

(I’ve also voice recorded this post and included a visualisation at the end of it for you to do daily. Click here to skip the text.)

And it was kinda funny.

By now we all know that, in some way, our thoughts create our reality. What we focus on – we receive more of it.

It’s just a universal law. Fact – as far as I’m concerned.

Ask for it – and you shall receive.

Focus on love and doing things with the vibration of love – and you get more love.

Focus on health and doing things that are in alignment with health – feel good.

Focus on the opportunities everyone else is getting and how you’re a ‘victim’ and plug into that vibration daily by talking about it incessantly and guess what? The universe just sends you more situations in which to feel the ‘victim’.

What you ask for – you get. Every time.

So here’s a funny one and an example of how the universe likes to play tricks on you – profoundly and with a dash of humor.

I’m driving home from the Hunter Valley yesterday after a very much needed rest. In the past two months I’ve definitely not been living in alignment with my values. I’ve been going at a pace much faster than is healthy, not paying enough attention to nourishment and lacking sleep. In the rush of life I was starting to forget what I really want in my career, love and life and through it all I’ve been craving a ‘guru’ or some kind of teacher to inspire me like my very first yoga teacher, Rick, did.

The whole time I was away I was asking for ‘clarity’ and a ‘teacher’. That was my focus.

I’d seed it into my intentions before practice, every morning in meditation and each night before I went to bed.

So I’m driving along the highway and clearly not paying enough attention. All of a sudden a cop car pulls me over.

I’m not even going to tell you how fast I was going…

So an officer gets out of his car, walks to mine (by this stage I’ve already whipped out my license so that we can quickly get this over and done with) and does the whole,

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

To which I shake my head, whilst doing my best innocent school girl act hoping he’ll let me off (What? It worked when I was 20).

He then tells me to wait as he “Won’t keep me long.” I’m sitting there going, “Universe – ok. I did an irresponsible thing. What’s the lesson in this? Is it to take responsibility?”

Nah. Didn’t feel clear enough.

Cop walks back to my car. Tells me he’ll send me a notice for the fine and then says (and it’s CLEAR AS DAY)…

“You need to slow down.”

BANG. Wish granted. Universe delivers.

It’s like he saw me. His words dug deep down into my soul, pulled out what I’ve been trying to do all weekend and hit me in the face with it.


Got it. Loud and clear.

I tell my students to do this day in and day out and I’m pretty good at it on the mat myself. But am I doing it off the mat? The answer was no. I’ve been a bullet train out of control.

In the universe’s cheeky way, that cop was more of a ‘guru’ than he could imagine. Perhaps the greatest teacher of all and one I most definitely needed.

Lesson learnt. And next time, perhaps to save myself the hefty fine I’ll be more specific about the teacher. That he doesn’t dress in a uniform.