What is an Active Yogi?

An Active Yogi is fierce in their pursuit of living a more conscious, connected and considerate life. They strive to greet the world from a place of compassion and kindness and are insanely curious about the world and people around them. 

About me

My name’s Kate Kendall (aka @ActiveYogi).

I’m a work in progress looking to create more meaningful connections and constantly on the look out for tools, habits and technologies that help me do this.

I’ve found a groove in my role as Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, in Sydney’s Paddington. I’m also a proud author, lover and Mumma.

I’m still working this thing called life out but I do know, from plenty of failures and face plant experience, that I’m passionate about teaching the art of slowing down through yoga, meditation and writing. My approach to all of these is down to earth, light-hearted and real.

I get a kick out of creating soul-expanding experiences for both myself and the people around me. Several years ago I co-created the increasingly popular, unique and first of it’s kind, ‘Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco’ events around Australia as well as lead my own Inspired Leaders Yoga Teacher Training and mentoring. My latest passion project is ‘The Space Between’ e-course – a 4 week mindfulness experience designed to help people slow down, savour and sip in the world around them. Why? To experience more joy, more often. I’m also proud as punch of, ‘Life in Flow’, my book released in 2019. 

About my philosophy

I believe we’ve forgotten how to experience stillness, savour the moment, play and have heart felt connections.

I know this because, for a long time, I’d forgotten.

I also believe that we’re all capable of experiencing big love; moments in which time stands still and in which we’re fully connected to ourselves and our environments.

I know this because I’ve felt them. I live for these moments and want to share them with you.

The Space Between is a philosophy I’ve been striving since 2014 when i suffered big time from burn out. It’s helped me slow down and savour moments, have belly laughs (more often), deeper connections with myself and others and, most importantly, it’s resulted in a more productive and fulfilled me.

If you want to come experience the Space Between with me, read more about my 4-week online mindfulness course designed to help you find it. Or grab a copy of my book, ‘Life in Flow’ which is a great read either alone or alongside doing the course.

Where can you find me?

I contribute to several inspiring publications and platforms that give me the chance to get in front of, and encourage millions of Australians and global citizens to experience yoga progressively and in a way that is adaptable to a contemporary lifestyle.

If you want to practice with me, you can hit up some of my classes that are regularly featured on yoga website MyYoga.com/Kate or if you’re in Sydney, at Flow Athletic in Paddington.

I am also a regular contributor to Sporteluxe  and Being Magazine if you want to read more of my content or check out my Blog.

To check out if I have any events coming up, head to the what’s on page.

• Instagram.com/ActiveYogi
• Facebook.com/ActiveYogi
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