‘Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge & action’ – Joshua Welch

Hi Yogis,

If you can bare to lean into it, that’s almost a wrap on 2023.

We had our Flow Christmas party Friday night. It was fun. And loud. And as I managed to sit away from the crowd and noise for a calm 20 minutes with a group of close ones, the question was posed, “How was your 2023?”

It was a good question. And being ‘on the spot’ I don’t think my answer was fully formed. So I took some time this weekend whilst Alice slept soundly next to me (we went away for the weekend together just she and I) to journal. Here’s some of the highlights I wanted to share in the hope of inspiring you to reflect (honestly), take stock and re-align as you move into another journey around the sun.

2023 was up and down.

If I’m honest the ups were ok. But the downs were really down. I felt like I went into some deep states of depression that I’m now choosing to call ‘initiations’. If only I could have called them that when I were in it. Next year. Two people in my community died suddenly. One took his own life. The other was taken by the mysterious forces of the sea. Both were symbolic of how quickly this life can change, end and shift. That was a deep initiation.

Intimacy was highlighted.

On all levels. It was illuminated just how often I avoid intimacy to feel safe. Sometimes with my partner when I’m in a ‘shakey’ place, sometimes with my friends in avoiding connection. This is another deep initiation that I continue to work through and is at the core of my eating disorder that I’ve continued to recover from this year with it’s own ups and downs and all arounds. Working a 12 step program for this forces me to look at myself so intimately. And when I have the courage to that, I let myself by more intimate with others. I’m a work in progress.

Women as Wisdom Keepers.
I’ve realised that maturing beyond my ‘maiden’ years and fully into the ‘Mother’ and beyond is not a time to fear nor dread. It’s a time to own my own life experiences and wisdom and share them with others. But most importantly, I’ve realised this year the medicine that is spending time with other women my age and older. There is something so potent in sharing space with women that are real, that are owning their power and who are brave enough to be a voice for those that don’t have one or haven’t found theirs.

Energy is precious.
Learning to cultivate, sustain and harness our life force is key to mental health, how we show up in the world and how we follow our Dharma – our life’s purpose. I’ve come to learn, experience and teach in my classes how energy is our most precious resource and that it wise to be conscious of how and where we’re spending it; with whom, on what and where.

Honouring the seasons of life.
I’ve been diving deep into the practices and teachings of Ayurveda. This has brought the biggest and most profound shifts for me in 2023. I’m so grateful to this way of life steeped in tradition and science. And I suspect I’ll only scratch the surface in this lifetime. It’s been a game changer and had enormous benefits on my mental and physical health and taken my recovery just that little further in appreciating and listening to my body. It’s also taught me to attune to the various seasons and re-align my diet and practices accordingly. It’s also helped me to remember that nothing is permanent and the moment we hold on, we reject the natural flow of life; the moment we resist is the moment we stop trusting the Great Mystery.

I see this as not only my own but one of our biggest opportunities as a collective for enlightenment right now as we move towards the end of the year; That every moment of resistance can also be a portal into presence, into alchemising our fears and into big expansion.

I hope you go against the grain in the lead up to Christmas and be the calm amidst the chaos. Big love, big shifts, bring it on.

KK x