How’s your 2016 been?

What were the highlights? The learnings? The loves?

Where did you lean into pain and ‘felt it out’ until dissolved?

Where did you numb and ignore?

Where were you bold? Were could you have shown up more? Or less?

Where could you have been more selfless?

What are the things you’ve been saying you want to do for years and still haven’t done?

Going into the New Year, I’ve drafted a list of bitter and sweet from my own 2016 and concocted a (hopefully) powerful and potent recipe for a nourishing 2017.

After all – we need the bitter with the sweet – for contrast, for learning, for expansion, for balance and for good taste.

I spent loads of time solo. Spending the majority of the year single, most Sunday mornings I gave myself full permission to not breathe a word nor look at my phone or laptop until after lunch. It was replenishing and plumping and brought me back to simplicity week after week. Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. 

I spent many an evening up late and sleepless worried about silly little things like ‘Am I doing a good enough job?”, “Am I enough to my team?” Sure – standards are important but if they rob you of sleep it becomes unhealthy. Plus I wound up with a nasty habit of griding my teeth at night.
Take it or leave it? LEAVE IT. For shiz.

I collaborated with many people but one in particular stands out in the form of Katie G. With her project management and strategic skills and my own mess and experience with stress and anxiety plus years of yoga studies, together we finally got my online program up and running (first intake mid Jan!) and got something that I’ve been wanting to get done for a few years…done! I’m so thrilled to be able to share with you, The Space Between – an experience designed for you to slow you down, live with more purpose, ease and intention and wayyyy more belly laughs.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. An end to thinking I have to do everything myself. More collaborating with people who lift me up, inspire me and who compliment my already awesome skill set.

I continued to meditate twice a day. Total game changer and can’t recommend it highly enough.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. No question here. And if you’re a total beginner or meditation virgin – my online program is perrrrrfect for you.

I got lazy with family communication. When life got busy, they were the first to go. I forgot how important it was to stay closely connected. Sure – they push your buttons and test your sanity but they’re also there to teach you some big, big lessons. Keep them close – especially when you feel like it the least.
Take it or leave it? LEAVE IT. 

I went on a soul expanding experience of a life time with my Mum. We jetted off to Peru in October and had a ball climbing mountains, surviving altitude sickness and exploring the jungle. I’ve been saying I would do this for years and each year there was always ‘something more important’. When I was over there one of my dearest friends messaged me to say, “Savour that experience, KK, and tell your Mum you love her. Every day.” Her own Dad had just been given a year to live. Yogis – you never know how long your loved ones are going to be around. Grab them and experience things, big and small.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. Yes please. I’m currently planning more experiences for 2017.

As a team at Flow Athletic we formed a ‘closeness’ that’s hard to describe. Never have I felt so enriched, loved and loving of a team. To my beautiful Flow colleagues – I love you more than you can imagine. Thanks for being on his journey with Benny and I and for showing up with such ‘heart’ always. A massive highlight was touring the East Coast of Australia with Flow After Dark. Felt like a dream. It was magical, soul expanding and inspiring.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. Can’t wait to laugh, cry and sweat with you guys in 2017 and beyond.

In the 2016 newly graduated Inspired Leaders (200hr yoga teacher trainees) we created a note worthy and nourishing bond of yoga teacher trainees who I just know are going on to do great things. To them – don’t stop. This is just the start. Whatever you choose to do with your training, just by being you (unashamedly, boldly and brilliantly) you’re inspiring.

I learnt that I’d destroyed by gut health. You know what was the main cause? Stress. Let me tell you now – no amount of worry or concern is worth your health.
Take it or leave it? LEAVE IT. Sure, I want to do big things in this world and with that comes creative tension and requires lateral thinking at times but you’ve got to be having fun while you do it. You’ve got to remember why you’re doing it.

I did a gut healing protocol diet. In response to the above – hands down the best health choice I made all year. Never have I felt so nourished, clear and energised.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. Gut health is everything yogis. Look after yours and watch your world change. Seriously.

I met someone super special. No words.
Take it or leave it? TAKE IT. Definitely. Can’t wait to watch and feel how it unfolds.